Fun Code Friday 4:00-5:00 PM

Code Dash & Dot robots– two friendly bots that love to complete missions. Experiment with measurement, sensors, and tons of abilities to achieve badges throughout our session.

Children that attend this session will learn coding concepts through a block-based coding language called Blockly. This is a visual coding language that is rooted in Javascript code. Beginning coders will become proficient in the Blockly language as they learn the fundamentals of coding: sequences, algorithms, loops, events, conditionals, functions, and variables.

Non-readers can experiment with building sequences through the Path app and Puzzlets.

Everyone will be engaged with their own robot to use during class! Pre-registration is required to make sure there are enough supplies for each class.

Sign up for what works for you! You can join us all 4 weeks, or drop-in as it fits your schedule!