We do all our booking through Jumbula.  You can go there by clicking  HERE

It is best if your child has his/ her own device so that they can work on projects after class (believe me, they will want to!). If you don’t have a device, Kids Can Code will provide loaner devices upon request. 

Updated iPads work best, but many apps are becoming available across multiple platforms. If we use an incompatible device, a loaner device will be provided for your child.

Believe it or not, no! Many of the coding languages we use are visual. We use arrows to build sequences and algorithms. If your child can count, your child can code! Apps that do require reading will be scaffolded through teacher instruction.

Yes! As a former St. Johns inclusion teacher, I specialize in reaching children that may struggle in a standardized classroom setting. You will be surprised at how motivated your child will be while attending Kids Can Code classes!

Kids Can Code is owned and operated for 13 years by St. Johns County teacher, Lauren Wade. Ms. Lauren was a district finalist for 2017 teacher of the year, and the developer of St. Johns County’s S.T.E.A.M. curriculum. Years of experience led her to create her own way to teach children all over the Jacksonville area.

Computer programming is a fun, challenging skill. There are times that things will be “hard” and your child may want to give up. Pulling him or her out of class does not instill the resilience needed to learn something new. A lot of kids want to quit when things aren’t as fun (because they’re challenging). Giving refunds provides a way out, no refunds requires commitment. Kid coders have to push through the “hard” things to see the final outcome… they won’t regret it!

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